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Kara ([personal profile] vegankhaleesi) wrote in [personal profile] alltheircrimesarejust 2016-06-29 08:52 pm (UTC)

OH okay. I've never heard this acronym before. Also I will say, as per Rat, I know I've found that for me personally playing the more cold/rude/introverted pups is just tough in general. It's hard to get them out there, it's hard to get them wanting to talk to people OR (like in Lila's case) getting people to want to talk to them. It's a challenge. That's why I can thread Noah with anyone, and Baz and Lila are more difficult and have a very small group of core friends. (Which is probably better in general for a game like this anyway) /rambling

Anyway also I wanted to say if you want Tris to have a partner in havoc, obvs I have someone for you who has been too quiet for too long, for someone who is progressively feeling more and more trapped.

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