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Jul. 22nd, 2017 11:27 pm
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Crossposting a new state of the pups for TCRPG over here.

(If nothing else, come see the new Lyall gif!)

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Jul. 22nd, 2017 03:10 pm
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July 17:
Steve wakes up to Darrow playing tricks on him; neither he nor Agron handle it particularly well from the start.
[ HERE | on going | PG for canon typical swearing ]

July 20:
Agron makes a valiant attempt at physical affection with Steve, even though neither of them know what to do with Steve looking like a woman.
[ HERE | on going | TBD/PG13/Rish for adult sexual situations ]

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Jul. 22nd, 2017 03:08 pm
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July 4:
The fireworks at the Killjoy concert trigger Goodnight's PTSD; Billy does his best to calm his man down.
[ HERE | on going | handles PTSD panic; PG13/Rish for drugs and sexuality as coping mechanisms ]

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Jul. 22nd, 2017 03:06 pm
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July 14:
Neil and Gabriel enjoy their ice cream and each other under the pier.
[ HERE | complete | R for sexual situations, semi-public sexual conduct, horny teenage boys ]

I only wanted to begin

Jul. 22nd, 2017 02:22 pm
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They said that crazy ran in the Cooper family.

The 'they' in question weren't anyone worth listening to, were the same people that would scrawl SERPENT SLUT on a locker in pig's blood. They didn't know what they were talking about. Polly had been at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy because she'd been pregnant, because she'd been a scandal, because what really ran in the Cooper family was secrets.

Another one: The Cooper family of which that pernicious they spoke hadn't existed beyond a generation or two back. Her great-grandfather had been a Blossom, a family that didn't even care that Polly and Jason had been related, had considered that a plus if anything. If there was crazy in the Cooper bloodline at all, maybe it came from there. The Blossoms certainly seemed to have plenty to spare.

But maybe it didn't come from anywhere. Maybe it was just her, just something inside her that didn't come from anywhere else. Maybe the crazy was just all Betty Cooper.

Because as much as she liked to pretend otherwise (and oh, wasn't that hypocrisy, in her railings against the secrets covering over the rot in Riverdale), the facts were these: Betty Cooper had lost time. She sat now on a train she had no recollection of boarding, traveling to a destination she didn't remember seeking. She'd been with Jughead, in his father's trailer -- his, now? She didn't know, now that FP was in prison, now that Jughead was living on the Southside, attending a different school, potentially living a different life -- and then with no gap, no seam she could pick at with the same nails she dug into her palms more and more often, she had been here. On this train.

Cut for length. )

She stabbed at the power button, shoved the phone back in her pocket, and slammed her palm against the glass of the information booth. "Hey!" she said, hammering on it before she had to step back, breathing hard. No help there. She'd help herself. She would have to help herself. She could do it. Someone had left the envelope. There was a thread. She could follow the thread. She would put her hair up in a ponytail, she would march out of the train station, she would ask where she was, she would work out what to do from there.

She would do all of this once she stopped feeling like she was going to unravel.

[Traditional debut style! Find her in the train station or wandering wide-eyed around the city.]
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July 9, 2017:

The boxing ring is suspiciously empty when I know there were people sparring there before he walked into the door. I look up at the man, thinking about his offer.

"I'm going to remember that you encouraged me to go after the balls."

Tris meets Mad Sweeney. They fight. It's fine.

[ HERE | ongoing | swearing leprechauns and short, violent people ]
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"So, like, I'm thinking I should start with my classics and then go into the unreleased stuff. Do something new," the ghost prattles and Aggie drops her face into her hand. In the last few days, Aggie has learned to hate that gingerbread house as well as the voices of the dead. Tiffany Charlotte's ghost has gotten increasingly lucid since her summoning, allowing her to hold full conversations, manifest in different places, and, apparently, meet with her agents and Todd Chad for a revival concert.

Lucid, but nothing of substance.

"I literally do not care," Aggie says. Tiffany Charlotte huffs and glances sulkily at the bone harp that sits on the table in front of her at the café. Despite trying to get rid of it, Tiffany has been using it as a vessel and seems to be able to take if where she wants, which has mostly been to hound Aggie.

"If you didn't care, then how come you made a freaky skeleton harp and gave me the power to, like, manifest?" Tiffany Charlotte asks, clearly annoyed at the tepid response to her concert plans from, as she put it, the creepy emo kid who brought me to life. Aggie resents all of those accusations since she wears too much color and not enough hair spray to be emo and Tiffany isn't actually alive, just given the power to take a consistent shape. Aggie wonders how they're going to put a mic set on her.

"I told you. It was an accident. Don't you have producers to meet? If you don't like me and think I'm creepy, why do you keep following me?"

"Um. 'Cause you brought me back? And I'm a ghost. Aren't I supposed to haunt you?"

Aggie is starting to ponder whether she can axe-murder a ghost.

[[Find Aggie in a café with a harp made of human bone on the table and the ghost of Tiffany Charlotte haranguing her. Despite her annoyance, it's a good time to meet her. Tiffany is completely visible, if somewhat transparent, but not corporeal. If you don't want to thread with her, you can say she disappeared in a huff. And, once again, Aggie's Fairy Tale is The Twa Sisters/Bonny Swans/Minnorie/Binnorie/Wind and Rain.]]
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It started a few weeks ago. A strange cottage made of candy had popped up out of nowhere, and as usual, there was pressure for the Guardian to try and be the first to report on it with some meaningful amount of detail. And when it came to looking for volunteers to cover the story, plenty of people shied away, worried about what could pop out from behind those doors.

(The Easter eggs, it seemed, hadn't vanished from people's collective memory yet.)

So Cindy had picked up the story, because really, she was probably one of the people better equipped to face whatever it was that had erected the house. If it really was dangerous, better her to be in harm's way than a civilian hounded and pressured by Mary M. Madison to chase a hot story.

As it turned out, there was nothing in the house that immediately posed a threat. Nothing that even pinged Cindy to head in the other direction — walking into the building had made no more of a splash than walking into a pastry shop, with the smell of cookies and sweet bread baking and wafting from wall to wall. (And maybe Cindy had plucked a few gumdrops off the walls to test. For science.)

It was the next morning that Cindy awoke to the sensation of rain falling on her face, and looked up to find a small rain cloud which insisted on following her around wherever she went.

So for weeks, Cindy spent as many hours outside as possible. For weeks, she had metaphorically stuffed her costume in the back of her closet, afraid of people putting two and two together when it came to her identity as Silk. For weeks, she had worked outdoors, with an umbrella carefully positioned between rain and her laptop. And every evening resulted in a mad dash to the bathtub, where she layered blanket and poncho on top of herself, hoping to manage a couple hours' worth of sleep.

It was a pain in the ass.

Trying her best not to drip on anyone with her umbrella, Cindy stood in line at a food truck, her stomach growling as she rummaged in her pocket for enough cash to buy lunch.

"Girl," the vendor said, shaking his head when it was her turn. "You gotta find some other place to get your hot dogs, man. You've been driving away all my customers with those puddles you're leaving."

"Believe me, if I had any other option," Cindy sighed, carefully extending her arm out from under the umbrella to pass over her bills. "The usual, please."

[ Per fairy tale plot, Anans-indy brings the rain with her. Open until this reads otherwise! ]

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Jul. 21st, 2017 09:37 am
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Friday evenings in Darrow, regardless of the time of year or any other events that might be going on in the city, tended to be bustling things. There was an active nightlife, for those who had been in Darrow as long as they could remember, and for those that had simply shown up here one day. In this, they were all in it together: the week had come to an end for those that worked a nine-to-five, and almost everyone wanted to celebrate the weekend.

It didn't take long after work let out for the day for so many people that restaurants, cafes, and bars all over Darrow were humming with energy. Those places that had windows had thrown them open to the balmy evening heat, which wasn't supposed to temper off until well into the evening--and, even then, it would still be a warm night. Summer was definitely in full effect, even with the occasional smattering of clouds overhead.

Streets were noisy with the comings and goings of people. Whether they were enjoying an evening out, or just getting off work, or just getting on work, Friday evening was turning into a bustle of energy. Down at the beach, people were setting up bonfires as the light got low, people continued to play volley ball and sand soccer until the light made it difficult, and the atmosphere was, generally speaking, one of celebration of the existence.

Once night settled, a blanket of dark that hardly broke the humidity of the day, the bars picked up and the clubs started to open. For those lucky enough to have already been getting in the door as soon as they opened, they were welcomed in with relative simplicity; it was in those short ten, fifteen minutes after the first wave that the lines began to form at some of the clubs, showing the places that had some drawing power: live music, a particular DJ, or just the sort of venue that a person might want to indulge in for the evening.

For Neil Perry, the whole thing is a mess of excitement. It was his eighteenth birthday today, and that means that he is officially an adult in Darrow. He can drink, smoke, and go out as late as he wants. They can't turn him away from just about anything at this point. And Neil, still a bit fresh-faced in Darrow, rather enjoys the idea that nothing can stop him now. And while the day was spent at practice for both plays of Shakespeare in the Park, now Neil has the whole night stretched out in front of him.

He texts a couple of his friends, just to tell them he's going to be out and that they should come if they can. Even if they can't, Neil's going to make the most of the night.

[Gathering post to celebrate a good summer day in Darrow! Play however, where ever, whenever you want in the day. Neil is going to be at dance clubs in the later evening to celebrate his birthday, but please use this post as a general sort of gathering to interact with whoever you'd like. Open to one and all!]
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Oof, this week has been kicking my ass and I don't even know why. I just feel constantly behind on everything, always tired, never enough time for everything that needs to get done, forever playing catch-up. Hopefully the weekend will give me an hour or two to myself so I can recharge my batteries, I know better than to expect more.

I guess it caught up with me hard today, because I keeled over as soon as I got home from work, and now it's four thirty and I feel like I need to get shit done instead of sleeping more and wasting even more time, but uuuuuuuuugh.

Have gone to the movies five times this month, which has been nice, but a bitch on my wallet. And with Atomic Blonde soon, too, dang.

Ugh, okay, that's enough, I gotta go take a shower. Our hot water heater's dying, so I have to wash my hair in cold water, if that don't wake me up, nothing will.

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Jul. 21st, 2017 10:18 am
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I don't think I've kept updated here very well, so the short points:

I'm moving back to the US this week. The movers arrive tomorrow morning to retrieve half a dozen boxes of books and such, while I spend the week at a conference in Germany. Then I have one farewell day in London, an overnight in Iceland, and then I'll be back in the PacNW.

I'm obviously sad and frustrated, because I have been living a life and stuff and now it just all goes away because the country decided to wake up and be racist one day last summer.

But on the other hand, my mom's ill and about to start chemotherapy, so as timing goes, I should probably be there anyway.

I'll try to update better later and fill in the blanks - I'm still packing right now, and apparently going to just make up my conference paper as I go along on Monday.

Back to putting stuff into boxes!

Meme: Off-Screen

Jul. 20th, 2017 08:54 pm
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There's only so much of our characters' lives we can (or would even want) to play out, so we can all assume that there's a lot more going on off-screen, as it were, than happens in threads. Today's meme is for illuminating characters' day-to-day lives and sharing details that their friends, classmates, and co-workers may or may not be aware of. The questions below are a jumping off point; feel free to remove some or add more, and to ask each other questions or let them know, what do you assume about interactions between your characters? How often do they hang out? What kinds of things do they do? Or respond expanding upon someone else's answers, with details about things you think might have happened or could happen between your characters. What is their daily life like in Darrow? Feel free to use these as jumping off points for possible threads or to inspire future EPs. (Questions are addressed to the characters to avoid pronoun confusion, but may be answered from the player's perspective, whatever's easiest/most interesting for you.

The Return Of Reid

Jul. 20th, 2017 07:45 pm
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After chatting a bit with Shan, we came up with a plan to bring Spencer and Hotch back to LCRPG. However, we're requesting you all give us a clean slate. It's been a while since they were in game, and we think enough time has passed that they can have a fresh start here in London.

They're coming from much later in canon than last time (Reid's wiki is here for the curious), and Spencer is arriving first, though Hotch won't be far behind, I'm sure.

Thanks in advance!

Liz (and Shan by proxy!)

Drew a heart for you in the sand...

Jul. 20th, 2017 05:14 pm
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Paul has limited experience of swimming in the sea. In Canada it had rarely been warm enough; in Fionavar, there hadn't been time before he'd gone to the Godwood and the Summer Tree. In Darrow, though, now the days are warmer and longer, Paul's been spending more time at the beach. He runs on the sand and then he strips off his sneakers and shirt and he wades into the water. He swims until his muscles ache, until he can feel his heartbeat throbbing through him. In dreams, he sometimes speaks with gods, with Dana in the moonlight or Leannan in the waves.

He wonders whether a call would be heard, from so distant a shore. He wonders if the thunder in his blood might find an answer.

He pushes both hands back through his dark, wet hair. The months after Rachel died had left him thinner than he'd ever been, wasted and wasting away. Now, now that he's seen how he can be forgiven, now that he's healthy, he's putting on muscle again, back to being that lean, rangy boy who played basketball so well that, sometimes, it had felt like he was flying.

There are things to regret about Darrow, things to miss about both Toronto and Fionavar, but Paul is happy more days than he has sad. He has work that he enjoys, friends, something that's starting to feel like a relationship.

Things have definitely been worse...

He's breathing hard when he comes out of the water and, for once, the god's voice is quiet, nothing in his ear but the loud and regular beating of his own human heart.

ooc: half-naked, dripping wet, excellent time to meet The Lord of the Summer Tree. ST/LT welcome.

they're coming up no matter what

Jul. 19th, 2017 01:54 pm
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July 12, 2017:

He remembered. He remembered so much.

Now that he knew, Alec found that he wanted to give everything back.

Alec receives all his memories up to his final moments in Edom.

[ HERE | complete | spoilers for The Mortal Instruments ]

July 18, 2017:

They'd been forcing normalcy. They'd been trying to go on about their lives despite the new knowledge in Alec's head and the information he'd shared with Magnus. They'd been trying to go on as if nothing was wrong, as if their wedding was the only thing to focus on.

But, Alec knew they were both lying.

Magnus finally breaks down over the news of the future that Alec shared with him.

[ HERE | complete | spoilers for The Mortal Instruments ]
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London was a magic epicenter of sorts. Between doors to The Otherside, dormant and active portals, and an active wizarding community, it was a hub of energy, more so now than it had been for quite some time. The city was experiencing a magical renaissance of sorts- Which sounded lovely and made it a prime place to be for those exploring and studying magical energies, but wasn't so wonderful for London's more 'normal' sorts.

Magic didn't care if you were a dark lord or a banker, if it liked you, it liked you- And it was impossible to guess who it would like.

Today magic energy was at an all time high. Another blip in the usually somewhat steady stream of power that flowed through the streets. As a result, odd things were afoot- From mischievous inconveniences, to darker disruptions. Unlike the portals, these bothers were a touch more subtle, creeping up unseen on the unsuspecting.

Last time around the magic had seemed lighthearted and playful- And some of it still was, but... There was an intensity to some of it this time, harking back to the troubles that seemed to roll around every Halloween now. Something wicked was caught in the current, and while it wasn't out to harm everyone, it did seem keen to target a few.

(OTA. Just like the last time, the magic can affect your pup however you see fit. Unlike last time, however, some of the magic has taken a darker turn. It doesn't have to do something wicked to your pup, of course, but the option is there now. This post will be open from 7/18-7/28 or longer if needed. Tag in, tag others, and check back often.)

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Jul. 17th, 2017 12:23 pm
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It's not the fact that it's happened that bothers him. He'd been waiting for it, if he's being honest with himself. Of all of the weird things Darrow does, this is hardly the most dangerous. He can deal with the fact that his body is different.

The thing that bothers him is that now he's not sure what to do with himself. He's not going to work, not like this. At least not for the first day. And he can't go for his usual morning run. He needs proper clothes first, that much is obvious. He definitely needs a bra, because he's suddenly stacked, and he had no idea breasts were so . . . cumbersome. How do women deal with these things?

He layers some shirts together, but it's still pretty obvious that there's nothing between the cotton and his skin. He tries not to blush, tightens his belt, then sighs and slips out the door.

It doesn't help that Agron seems to have no idea what to do or how to take this. It's an uncomfortable switch for Steve, seeing him at a loss like this. So Steve gives him a break, pushes his fingers into suddenly long, thick, curly hair, and makes his way in too-big flip flops to the nearest store.

After some awkward conversations and a little fumbling around in the bathroom after checking out, Steve is dressed in clothes that fit. He feels a lot better, at least. He has no idea if he's hot, but he thinks he probably is.

And the bra makes a big difference.

The clothes he'd worn out of the house are in one of his shopping bags, mixed in with some new things to tide him over for however long this lasts.

He texts Thomas and his coworkers to let them know he won't be in today, then texts Agron to see how he's doing. He shoots one last text to Lito, which simply says, My turn, before tucking his phone into his new, snug jeans and stepping into a cafe for a much needed dose of caffeine.

[ Genderswap! Find Steve looking banging with Gina Torres's face before, during, or after he hunts down new clothes and some coffee! Open until this reads otherwise, st/lt welcome! ]

slow it down, slow it down

Jul. 17th, 2017 09:10 am
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Everything felt a bit shit lately. Jake couldn't really put his finger on it but waking up had been hard, getting through his shifts had been difficult, and he hadn't been going out as much as he tended to at night. All in all, he'd gotten really bloody boring and decided that he couldn't be having that anymore.

So, after his shift, he'd gone home, showered and changed, before immediately heading out to find something to do. Going out to a club was his first choice but he figured it'd be crowded and hot and Jake had dealt with enough sweaty people wanting to hang off him during work.

Maybe he'd go a bit low key tonight. Get out of his flat but not throw himself right back into things. The sun had drooped below the horizon a few minutes ago, leaving the city in that hazy limbo between sunlight and moonlight. Jake liked it. The air was warm but not stifling.

On his way to the beach, Jake stopped by the marijuana dispensary and picked up a few cigarettes to smoke and he popped into a convenience store to get some liquor. A few people coming into the store gave him a look and Jake just smiled sweetly at them. If a man wanted to get high and drunk on his own, it was his God given right, wasn't it?

The beach was, blissfully, empty when he padded his way there. He took off his socks and boots, digging his toes into the warm sand. There were a few people wandering around the area but most everyone had gone home, leaving Jake alone with his thoughts and the sounds of waves lapping onto the shore.

Lighting the joint, Jake dug the bottle of liquor into the sand to keep it upright before he lay back and peered up at the darkening sky. Maybe this wasn't exactly breaking the streak of keeping to himself but it was better than staying in his flat, watching old telly and eating chips.

He closed his eyes and briefly thought of Simon. It was never going to work out, Jake realized, but it had been nice while it lasted. It had been nice to feel like he was wanted, desired.

But, it had been false. Fake. Jake opened his eyes again. He took the joint out of his mouth, letting it burn between two fingers while he played a lazy game of connect the stars with himself.

[Find Jake on the beach at any point after dusk. He's a little high and maybe drunk but friendly and easy to talk to. ST/LT always welcome. Currently: open]

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Jul. 16th, 2017 07:45 pm
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June 10, 2017:

The morning after Peggy and Daniel's first night together is both adorable and honest.

[ HERE | complete | pg-13 ]

Pinewoods 2017 report

Jul. 16th, 2017 01:00 pm
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Pinewoods 2017 report

If I were really good, I would try dividing it up into chunks of ESC, Session 1, and Session 21, but I'm not that good. So have a jumbled together report of my last two weeks. I'm not writing it in any sort of order, so the footnotes might beare all jumbled up.

*So um redacted redacted redacted hour kissing on the dock redacted redacted. Also this is the second time in three months where I have taken photos of me kissing a cute girl and sent them to her girlfriend.

*Dave Wiesler is the absolute best at writing music. His bandleading night in session 1, I mostly couldn't actually dance due to a twingy ankle (and I am gentler about that when there's five more nights of dancing than I would be otherwise), but that meant I spent some good time just hiding behind the bandshell catnapping and listening to just fucking magnificent music. I want want desperate want a recording of his Joie de Vivre set, it was just *magical*.

*FOUR SQUARE ON THE RAFT IS THE NEW BEST GAME AT PINEWOODS! And of course, we invented/found this game and the weather immediately got grumpy and rainy and Scottish and no one wanted to go play in the water anymore so we never played again. But there was like an hour and a half of it on Sunday.

*Also redacted details but one of my favourite comets3 and I get to see each other at Pinewoods every year, and this year was just _super_ good for it. Also, yes, it is absolutely possible to fit two people into the single4 bed in Kitty Alone, you just have to be very friendly and accept that one of y'all might have the windowsill digging into their leg the whole night. Luckily no one is sleeping very long at camp.

*Fred is SUCH AN AWESOME HIGHLAND TEACHER! We covered two dances in two days during session 1, and then refined one of them and learned another two dances in session two. Somehow I have now reached the point where I was in the demo set for things, which is terrifying, considering that everyone else in the demo set is either Triona (who started at the same time as me but actually practices and is good at Highland) or people who've been competing for like fifteen years.

*I mostly did not go to any classes except Highland, but I did make it to the cross-step waltz class, which was really good! It had one variation that I'd never seen before, some more practice on grapevines (which I suuuuck at), and there was about a ten second "and also pivots exist" near the end which I managed to corner Keira and get actual info about and then I did some real pivots with Val and internalized them well enough to teach them to Stephen and Alex. Now, these are all three super competent dancers, but I still felt pretty proud of myself and will try to throw those in next time I lead cross-step.

*The hardest part about doing secret rehearsals for secret Abbots Bromley is then not whistling the tune for the next three hours and giving away the secret. Also, our fool was complimented both times on their ability to hit the triangle in an appropriate and not overwhelming manner. Alsoalso, the fact that the Abbots Bromley is traditionally taught to Scottish dancers by being dragged into the woods by a veritable wizard is basically the Best Thing. Alsoalsoalso, I don't know what you are talking about I was definitely not part of any of this weird English ritual nonsense.


*Spent like four hours in what felt kinda like a con panel where we talked about old drama (and I (re?)learned a story that's important for me to know and now I have a clearer picture instead of just details) and the progression from gamergate to trump supporters and a bit of just tragic personal history of a friend of mine. It was a cozy night! Sad that all the stories were sad, but the greater world is sad right now, and Callahan has an adage about the importance of shared pain.

*Had very _very_ low amounts of polydrama/jealousy going on. This doesn't *always* happen at Pinewoods, and I swear there's a lot of camp beyond kissing people, but when you consider that I actively resisted camp for at least two years before originally going because I didn't want to be a seventh wheel, it's cool to have a year where all the relationships were able to be content with each other.

*I taught a workshop about "SCD for Crew"! It was about an hour, and I went into it wanting to cover five main things: the five basic Scottish steps, quicktime pousettes, allemandes, at least one corner figure, and dancing something without cues. We got through all those things! It helps that crew tends to have a crazy high dance ability!

*Speaking of crew, there were two nineteen year olds who I spent time with, both of whom make me very confused since I'm pretty sure I was in no way that chill or competent when I was nineteen. I want to be friends with both of them and am not sure I am cool enough to be so, also they apparently told other people I was awesome which just ???!??!!?

Apparently I'm getting old enough to have people look up to me, which is kinda nice and also ??!??!???.

*RAPPER RAPPER RAPPER I GOT TO DO RAPPER AND IT'S MY FAVOURITE DANCE FORM AND GODDAMNIT I WANT TO FORM A RAPPER TEAM GUUAHHHHHHH. Okay I just looked it up and it's like £35 a sword but I'm actually weirdly okay with the idea of sometime dropping $230 on this once I have a Real Job in order to facilitate having a team I want to do rapper _that bad_.

*Also our rapper teacher tried Scottish for the first time at ESC, and he did well and it was very charming and fun, *and* our Scottish teacher tried Contra for the first time and she had fun and THIS IS WHAT ESC IS FOR AND THIS IS WHY IT'S THE BEST SESSION!

*During Scottish I had two separate moments where I felt the need to subtweet about someone and instead just went ahead and told him because that makes more sense and is less drama-inducing. Plus, I only have one ex-boyfriend who's since gotten married, so like, if I talk about feeling compersion towards him and his wife, that's not really subtle and he knows it's him.

(The second spoken subtweet involved the phrase "bad decision hot" and no I'm not telling you any more about it.)

*I had two separate trips to Little Long Pond, both excellent in their own way. The first involved taking newfriends Austin and Phoebe during ESC, at which point we found out that the canal was much lower than normal and we had to tie up our canoe and wade through (this was awesome). On our way back, we touched two separate bouys in regular long pond. It is worth noting that due to pub night exhaustion, we were definitely only going to touch the canoe, not get into it, and definitely not paddle clear to the other side of the lake.

The second time was jere7my and I kayaking, which meant we were able to get out and port the kayak over the little waterfall and then do the canal properly. We saw a frog, and a tiny turtle, and we chased a green heron a bit and then we saw AN OTTER!!!! jere7my took some pictures!

*For the Star Wars vs Star Trek ball, I had Lise do up my hair in exquisite Leia buns, and I wore glitter and my Leiaish dress. I looked very beautiful and the buns did not come out despite doing Scottish dancing and later stilt-walking.

*The number of people catching and using my pronouns was magnificent. Also, I'm quite amused by some friends asking if it was okay if they used "she-shit-they" as my pronoun, as it was inevitably what happened. I will absolutely accept sheshitthey as my pronoun, yes, as I have used it myself occasionally by accident.

(Misgendering yourself is weird.)

*I had a job interview on changeover day between session 1 and session 2. It was...I mean, it was a phone interview and it only lasted about twenty minutes but I think I answered all of their questions well and I think I asked good questions of my own. I should be hearing back from them sometime this week upcoming maybe.

*Was in a ceilidh act attempting to hexify a Scottish square. It went solidly okay. Extra difficult in that one of our people didn't show up so I pulled my dance-sister Connie in on absolutely zero warning. I think this would make a better workshop than ceilidh for the future.

*Fucked up both my acts in the session 1 ceilidh, neither in ways anyone else would notice or care about. Felt...really bummed out about it, and got super quiet and brainwarped, which eventually culminated in me vanishing for a long while and eventually sobbing on the dock for a bit at one AM, because that's kinda what you do at Pinewoods at least once.

*I always feel a little weird that I basically never go to classes at Pinewoods. I think I pretty consistently average 1.5 classes a day or less, and inevitably the bulk of that is either Highland or Rapper.

*People seemed pleased by my classes on basic SCD technique during ESC, but I very much did not. I don't think I prepared well enough for them or did a good enough job teaching, and I especially fucked up the last day something thorough (in no small part to the complete lack of sleep beforehand). I suspect a lot of this is me being Too Hard on myself, but I also suspect that me being Too Hard on myself counts as bad even if sucking at teaching doesn't.

*Speaking of rapper, I managed to hit someone I like and respect very much in the face with a rapper sword because sometimes this sort of shit happens but also god_damnit_. She was very gracious.

*I managed to put my open water bottle into my bag at one point, which was a Dumb Idea. My camera got the brunt of the damage --it's completely broken, despite spending most of a week in a tub of rice (thank you crewwww). So I'll have to look into a new digital camera, siiiigh.

I am really sad that I have to put any notes into this category, because this is significantly worse than the bad category. But there you have it.

*There was a pretty blatant transphobic joke made by the bandleader and two of the musicians Wednesday night. Like, two dudes dressing up as women, being introduced as "our guest musicians [feminized versions of their names]" by the bandleader and a lot of wink-wink-nudge-nudge laughter involved. It was not okay, and I'm not looking forward to having to fight at the next TMC2 meeting about how this was Not Okay and how we need to explain that to the people involved.

(But I'm looking even less forward to being a part of a community where transphobic jokes are able to be the norm.)


Overall I had a REALLY REALLY good time, which is pretty typical for me. I enjoyed myself and played games and saw and made good friends and fucked about in a canoe and swam and so much dancing!

I am already looking forward to next year. <3


1: ESC = English Scottish Contra session at Pinewoods! Also called ESCape. Session 1 and Session 2 = the two official Scottish sessions at Pinewoods.

2: TMC is the Teaching and Music Committee of the Boston RSCDS branch. RSCDS is the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society. I'm a part of TMC both naturally and because someone from the Highland Ball needs to attend their meetings. We're the peeps who pick the MCs, Musicians, and Teachers for events like Pinewoods.

3: Comet is a term starting to appear in some branches of the poly community. It refers to someone who briefly comes into your life on a periodicish basis, and who you don't really date or communicate much with in between, but are always happy to pick back up where you left off. This particular comet started as my "James Dean relationship"3.a, and I adore him something fierce.

3.a: Live fast, die young, leave a pretty corpse. We went from zero to sexytimes in about a date and a half, we broke up after six months (both knowing it was coming; he was moving far away), we stayed friends. And sometimes more than friends.

4: Did you know that there is a name for the size of bed smaller than twin? Yeah, it's single. Singles are _very_ small.


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