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[Darrow] State of the Pups

Quick and dirty SOTP because I never do one. 

State of the Me:
Summer for me means a lack of income right now, so I've been kind of swinging in and out of the blues from not having much that I can do in terms of going out and stuff. Also I'm basically useless once heat starts to be a thing, which is probably contributing to the listlessness.

Adam Parrish: Is relatively happy right now. Gansey's disappearance and Henry Cheng's arrival have done a lot to shake up all of the Raven Kids, especially since Henry is now from the latest canon point of all of them. I think he and Henry have reached a truce stage but he's always naturally careful. He likes Bibimbap though. Within the house of Hywel, he's pretty happy though. He recently just told Ronan that he loves him, which is a big deal for both of them. 

Since no one's told me otherwise and since Darrow is supposed to be roughly analogous to Asbury Park, NJ, I'm gonna say that Barton is on a challenge level comparable to Princeton. So it sucks being trapped, but Adam is at least getting a quality education. Ironically though, I don't think he's declared a major. So much of his life was centered around "Get into college. Get out of Henrietta" but there's no canon indication of what he WANTS to do. I figure halfway through fall semester, he's due an existential crisis. 

Adam Parrish Drop Likelihood: Unlikely, 1/10

Agatha Prenderghast:
 Is happier. She's still shook up from the KIRIN event but she's always an itchy feet wandering type. She's more careful and more willing to use her powers though. Probably a good chance on and off for stuff to happen.  She's also getting crushes for the first time ever and is very carefully compartmentalizing that. Overall she's been active but her general plot has been less eventful since KIRIN.

Agatha Prenderghast Drop Likelihood: Unlikely, 2/10

 Oh my sweet Biffy is ENGAGED. He's generally happy right now and I need to jumpstart him a bit with some drama. I've been saving his Alpha status for a good time and I think I'll do that soon. Probably before the end of the summer? Also I'm enjoying the gradual "coming out" talks he's having with people about his werewolf status. He's so nervous and careful of it and it brings out some shyness in him.

Biffy Drop Likelihood: 2/10

 Edgar continues to surprise me and he's the reason I'm so glad I adopted Manda's (I think it was Manda?) six month rule. You have to give a new pup at least six months before you consider dropping him. I'd been so convinced that by June of last year, he'd just be done and now LOL one year later. He's about to move in with Neil and he's very happy with his boyfriends. He got his item last winter and I think I need to either shake him up or else find some direction for him. Someone drag his ass to the library or cooking class or something. 

Edgar Drop Likelihood: 1/10

Jesper Fahey:
My shiny, new idiot. He hit the ground running with truth plot but is still definitively in the "denial" stage of coping with addiction and probably will be for some time. I think I want to get him involved with some of Darrow's criminal element, gambling with them and getting embroiled further and further because of his debts. He needs a wakeup call of sometime.

Jesper Fahey Drop Likelihood: Not even on the table until November but highly unlikely right now

 Oh my problem child. He's always been a back and forth one for me and right now, he's swinging back towards "drop." Last winter I was very close to just pulling the plug on him but he got some plot going but right now he's just kind of...calm. I need to figure out what to do with him but aside from an item (what even would it be?), I can't think of anything with a long term repercussion. I've given him until the end of the month and if I still don't know what to do with him after the first week of July, I'll probably have to let him go :/

Rat Drop Likelihood: 7/10

Is also in that six month window. She's kind of in a holding pattern right now. A lot of my other pups are just overtaking her and she's falling to the rear of the pack. I need to rewatch her movie and reread the novelizations. I also worry that at times I'm playing her too naive or else not naive enough. I need to focus on her next month, I think. Give her some more time to shine.

Rey Drop Likelihood: Not on the table but would be a 3/10 just because of uncertainty

Tris Prior: Just lost Four and is kind of in a daze. I'm having a hard time gauging what's an appropriate amount of mourning for her. she still neglecting herself two weeks later or has she started to fall back into a routine? I really want to have her do something reckless. Something danger-seeking or else affection seeking, like a one-night stand or a rebound relationship. Four is the only person she's really loved or been physical with in any way so now she has to figure out how to structure her life. 

Tris Prior Drop Likelihood: 3/10

The Future
Wanda Maximoff:
Is on reserve. I'm...trying to get the app done by the end of June so I can use my April and May reqs to app her but I've had such a hard time with app-writing lately that I'm not sure how realistic that is. So she might be not until after I get June reqs. I also need to make some plans for her in general once she's in.

Puck Connolly: She's one of the narrators in The Scorpio Races and she's unexpectedly captured my heart. I'm not sure why I'm surprised; I used to love horses more than just about any other person or creature as a child. She's a maybe unless my current roster changes. I know I can't handle more than 9 pups. 

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