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Quick and dirty SOTP because I never do one. 

State of the Me:
Summer for me means a lack of income right now, so I've been kind of swinging in and out of the blues from not having much that I can do in terms of going out and stuff. Also I'm basically useless once heat starts to be a thing, which is probably contributing to the listlessness.

Pups )
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Quick and dirty! 

Me: Still in France, having a lovely time despite several blisters, a bruised shin, and a twisted ankle. Gravity ain't my friend okay? I'm back on the 2nd. Will likely be tagging my pups around for New Year's. No plans for apping soon, I've got too many as is gosh.

Aggie: Is present as always. She is currently in possession of a giant fluffy cat who is part Maine Coon, part Norwegian Forest Cat, and all gigantic. I should totally EP her walking Goblin on a harness sometime for hilarity.
Bee Plot: Wherever they come from, Aggie will be doing very much what she did during Furby plot, which is to say she will be lighting up like a Christmas tree made of LASERBEAMS. She will be panicky, as anyone would be, but will have much greater control over her offensive powers, just not the special effects.

Jack Frost : Ahhhh I love him so much. He's another one who's always around. Seeing Frozen rekindled his voice a little (ironic mixed metaphor there). The only reason I'm not apping Elsa at Darrow is because I want someone else to app her so she and Jack can meet because I ship it like FedEx. But yeah. He's just always and easily around. If anyone wants him, just let me know!
Bee Plot: Will be trapping the buggers in little ice blobs.

Bay Kennish: I haven't been doing as much with her as I should, but she's still there and in no danger. I need to give her some drama but she's somewhat constant and quiet so she fell a little by the wayside between finals and the trip. I'm thinking of having her come in contact with Tiffany Charlotte's Hollow and give her the Sight. I'm still back and forth on it.
Bee Plot: Hiding in the cat cafe on pretense of taking care of the furballs (that she doesn't care about, of course). She's gonna get a few stings.

Jax Teller: I am still emotionally devastated by the season finale and have no idea what's gonna come next. I need to figure out what Abel should be doing at the age of ~fifteen~ or so months. I decided his birthday was in October but it's kind of a pain and makes things fuzzy. Once Tara shows, I'm thinking of starting to canon update him via a series of nigtmares. IDK.
Bee Plot: Barricaded at home with Abel, a gun, and a can of RAID. I don't know if he'll be posted or not, but if anyone wants to thread him, I warn you straight up that he has very poor trigger discipline.

Minako Aino: Is still settling in but that's my fault for debuting her right before jaunting off to France. I need to get her a paid account so I can get icons of both her identities.
Bee Plot: Will be out as Sailor V and KILLING BEES WITH LASERS.

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Hello! If I have bought or sold anything from you through the egl_comm_sales or through other means (tumblr, personal transaction) I would really appreciate getting your feedback with this form:

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